Daily Subscription

How do I activate my daily subscription?

The subscription activation process is very simple. The @hivesql dedicated technical account has been created for this purpose.

  1. Transfer 4 SBD to @hivesql (no memo is required)*
    Click here to execute the transfer with HiveSigner
  2. As soon as @hivesql receives your payment, your activation will be processed
  3. You will receive a micro-transfer back from @hivesql.


The memo of the transfer will be encrypted.
To see its content, you must log in with your memo key.

The memo that comes with this transfer contains the following information:

  • the server hostname to connect to HiveSQL.
  • the database name
  • your personal login
  • your password
  • the expiration date and time of your current subscription.

Your subscription will be valid for 1 day, starting at the time you receive the transfer from @hivesql.
You can make multiple payments of the daily fee if you want to subscribe for several days.

How do I extend or renew my daily subscription?

The process is exactly the same.

  1. Transfer 4 SBD to @hivesql
  2. You will receive a micro-transfer back from @hivesql.
    The memo is encrypted and to see its content, you must log in with your memo key.
    The memo will also mention when your new subscription expiration date

What happens if my subscription expires?

You will no more be able to connect the SteemSQL with your login information.
You can reactivate your subscription at any time and you will get new login information.


Users with an active subscription will be entitled to priority support.

Support for SteemSQL will be provided on Discord in the #steemSQLdedicated channel.


  • Be carefull to transfer the exact amount for your subscription!
    All SBD / STEEM sent to @hivesql with an amount different than the daily or monthly fee will be considered as a donation to the SteemSQL project.
  • There will be no refund unless it is proven that you have not received confirmation of your subscription via a transfer with your login information.

*Given the current volatility of the HBD price, subscription fees may vary from day to day.
Any change to the subscription fee will be published under the @hivesql account and on Discord.