A public SQL database with all blockchain data


Database diagram



The Blocks table contains bare block information (timestamp, witness, …)

Each block can contains Transactions

Depending on each transaction type, the associated transaction’s data is stored in the related table.


Full text search

The database has been full text search enabled.  This allow fast search of information within post and replies.


For example, if I want to know where anyone has spoken about, me, the following simple query will do the trick


SELECT author, title, body, url FROM TxComments WHERE CONTAINS(title, '@arcange')


Database Connection information:


Here the information to connect and query the database:


Server:                 sql.steemsql.com

User:                     steemit

Password:           steemit


How to use it:


Check this post to see how to create an analysis report with Excel




If you need help, have any comment or request, join steemsql group on steemit.chat.


Availability and performance


The SQL server is hosted in a datacenter with 24/7/365 availability.

Available output bandwidth is up to 500Mb/s


New transactions from the latest data blocks are injected in the database every 10 seconds.


The server is currently hosted in a shared infrastructure.

I will monitor server load and if it requires more resources, I will allocate any reward to this post on a dedicated infrastructure.